About the company

KVK Perspective is an investment and construction holding company created by a group of like-minded people who decided to use their experience in construction, real estate business, economics, organisation and management of production, medicine and education, in conjunction with their concept of human life conditions worthy of the XXI century, for the realization of a multi-functional project of the ‘High Technologies Medicine Centre’ (HTMC) creation with the simultaneous construction of the residential area ‘Raduzhny’. The project is a part of a multicomponent program to develop the territory of Pushchino.

Normative-legal base of the Company activity on the Project realization:

  • The federal target program ‘Housing’
  • The priority national project ‘Affordable and Comfortable Housing for Citizens of Russia’
  • The federal target program ‘High Technologies Medicine’
  • The priority national project ‘Health’
  • The priority national project ‘Education’
  • Target Program of Healthcare development in Moscow region until 2010.
  • Master Plan of Pushchino
  • A Moscow region Governmental Decree