Apartment complex of ‘Raduzhny‘

The greenery is an important element of the contemporary building plan creating, a kind of interlocking groups of variable floored houses/apartments, so-called Communities, combined by comfortable central yard with all the necessary facilities for recreation of different aged people. A parking lot for each Community is located underneath the yard area; this will make living in ‘Raduzhny’ safer and the air cleaner.

All the houses designed for this residential area have a small to medium number of stories; all the apartments are of an advanced comfort. Each apartment is provided with not only a designated place in an underground car parking, but also economic store-room on the ground floor, allowing for the storage of bicycles, sledges, and other seasonal items which would otherwise clutter the apartment.

The estate for the residential area construction
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Up to 5000 people are expected to become new residents of Pushchino moving into 1,500 apartments (ranging in size from 45 to 140 square metres) and townhouses ( ranging in size from 180 to 250 square metres).



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