The ecologically clean city of Pushchino is located 85 km south of Moscow, 26km from the city of Serpukhov and linked with a highway Simferopolskoe shosse. Its area is 1783,7 hectares. The city is of regional subordination.

A magnificent location, beautiful nature, the Oka river, forests, ponds, springs, the lack of polluting industrial plants and immediately adjacent to the Prioksko-Terrasny Biospheric National Park, the  places for hunting and fishing create all the conditions necessary for comfortable living, healthy life, and a full and varied leisure.

 Pushchino – the ecological pearl of Russia

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The core foundation of the city is the Pushchino Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences (PRC RAS). Pushchino Research Centre of RAS was founded in 1963 to promote fundamental research in physical-chemical biology and biotechnologies.

A decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 27.10.2005 № 642 awarded the city with the status of ‘a City of Science’.