The Life Science Centre

Endoecological rehabilitation,
health-improving diet and  treatment for
adults and children

Session in the salt-mine
Indications for treatment in the Life Science Centre:
  • stress, physical and emotional exhaustion
  • premature aging, chronic fatigue
  • difficulty in birth of a healthy child, an extra body weight
  • complete recovery after undergoing therapeutic and surgical treatment in the High Technologies Clinic
The main services:
  • prevention of aging (anti-age programmes)
  • purification, strengthening of the body, preparation for operations, rehabilitation after operations, preparation for childbirth, initiating a healthy lifestyle and nutrition
  • emotional and psychological rehabilitation, including athletes
  • maintaining Genetic ID
  • services of homeopaths, psychologists, endoecologists, gerudotherapists, specialists of Chinese traditional medicine, nutrition specialists, etc.

The services of the Life Science Centre are available for patients of the High Technologies Clinic.

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Everything for the recovery and rehabilitation

Patients of the Life Science Centre have access to :

  • comfortable rooms (85 places), categories ‘Standard’, ‘Comfort’ and ‘de Luxe’, all have individual procedure rooms
  • living Room / Fireplace
  • music salon
  • winter Garden
  • restaurant 
  • phytobar (tea ceremony room)
  • library

Programmes are designed specifically for each individual client, for a period ranging from 3 days up to one month. If necessary, a full diagnostics of the organism is possible on the base of the diagnostic centre of the High Technologies Clinic.