Project objectives and goals

Main project objective

Creating a multi-functional medical center, conforming to international standards, based on an inseparable combination of the following elements:

  • Application of innovative technologies, systems and equipment
  • Highly qualified staff
  • International level service for consumers

Project goals

1. To create a structure provide a full set of medical services, ranging from early diagnostics and prevention of a wide spectrum of diseases, outpatient and inpatient, conservative and surgical treatment on to a full recovery and rehabilitation of the patient.

2. To maximize the use of international breakthroughs in medicine and related fields whilst constructing and equipping the Centre.

3. To create educational and scientific sector of the HTMC including education and research centres to develop and implement new methods of prevention, diagnostics and treatment of most common diseases and maintain a high level of staff training.

4. To design social infrastructure of the Centre, which includes a hotel, catering, trade, culture facilities and household services, thereby creating maximum comfort for patients, their families, guests and the employees of the Centre.

5. To create conditions for attracting leading and perspective specialists, including those from other parts of Russia to the HTMC. To build a comfortable residential area ‘Raduzny’ with all the elements of modern infrastructure in the immediate vicinity of the Centre for  living, working, child education, leisure etc..

6. To contribute towards the further development of Pushchino as a federal science city by creating new jobs, attracting young professionals, increasing tax deductions to the budgets of all levels, improving the quality of life for residents.

7. To establish international contacts on a permanent basis to attract leading foreign medical specialists in different spheres of medicine to ensure the availability of professional assistance for patients without them having to leave Russia.

8. To foster the development of medical management in Russia.

9. To work out the criteria for the development of voluntary health insurance.