Hotel and Congress Hall

A four-star hotel with a congress hall and business centre is planned for 129 rooms, with the possibility of accommodating up to a maximum of 260 people.

Categories of rooms of varying classes from ‘Standard’ up to ‘President’, are designed to meet the different demands of our guests. The hotel is planned primarily to accommodate the High Technologies Clinic patients (who attend for diagnostic examination only) and their relatives, also for patients of the Life Science Centre, foreign specialists working with the HTMC, as well as participants of Congress and corporate events. Apart from to the above, services of hotels will be available for tourists and professionals coming in to the Pushchino Scientific Centre.

Comprising of two restaurants, a congress hall and business centre, hotel offers everything needed for the staging of congresses, scientific and corporate events, catering for delegations ranging in size from 50 to 350 participants.


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Design and interior variations

Available facilities:
  • Living - room
  • Conference Hall
  • SPA-centre
  • Fitness centre
  • Underground parking
  • Garage with Technical services (TS)
  • Transfer services and taxi
  • Children's play area and baby-sitting services
  • Two restaurants
  • A bar
  • Shops