The High Technologies Medicine Centre

The estate for the HTMC construction


The High Technologies Medicine Centre is a cutting-edge multifunctional medical facility which is corresponding to world standard requirements, based on an inseparable combination of the newest medical technologies, systems and the equipment, high qualification of the staff (employees), international level service and Russian hospitality.

The Centre will render a wide choice of services in diagnostics, prevention and treatment of the most difficult and widespread diseases, as well as in physical and psychological rehabilitation of patients. A special attention in the Center will be given to a formation and promotion of a healthy lifestyle. Scientific and educational activity will be an important part of the Centre work.

Creation of hundreds vacancies, conditions for attraction of leading and perspective experts, including those from regions of Russia, assistance to development of medical management in Russia and adjustment of constant international contacts system to attract to cooperation of leading international experts – are among of the Centre goals.

The project innovation begins even with the architectural concept reflecting the project authors’ aspiration to the maximum harmony with the nature. Magnificent seat, proximity to Prioksko –Terrasny Biospheric National Park, special microclimate, the Oka river – all these create additional natural conditions for successful treatment and rehabilitation, conducting a healthy lifestyle and rest.

The High Technologies Clinic. A fragment of visualization

The High Technologies Medicine Centre is a possibility for a long life in harmony with nature, near and dear and with oneself.
This is our best future!

The High Technologies Medicine Centre. Axonometry

The High Technologies Clinic building and the building of Life Science Centre, connected together by the underground passage, and also the building of the Hotel with congress-hall and business centre are included into the HTMC architectural ensemble named by the author «3 philosophic stones of architect Worschech».