The High Technologies Clinic

The High Technologies Clinic is a medical and rehabilitation facility with outpatient and inpatient departments to provide innovative high quality medical care to citizens of Russia, the CIS countries and Europe. It also will partially provide basic medical assistance to the population of the Pushchino city, Moscow Region.

10% of services will be provided to residents of the Moscow Region on the basis of state compulsory medical insurance according to medical referrals from the state health organisations.

The High Technologies Clinic is designed to accommodate 115 inpatient and 29 rehabilitation beds. The highly specialised structure of the Centre will provide medical care to national and international standards. The objectives of the HTMC research and education centre, as well as a modern business centre are to ensure the maintenance of the highest level of expertise of the Clinic staff, supply cutting-edge medical equipment and technologies, establish and develop mutually beneficial cooperation with leading experts from European, primarily, German clinics.

Recruiting leading foreign experts to cooperate in various fields of medicine will provide the citizens of Russia access to the highest standards of professional treatment without them having to leave the country. 

To assist in the difficult and urgent cases, a service for patients to be delivered by helicopter is planned.

The structure of departments and the Clinic specialisations will provide a full range of services from early diagnostics and prevention of a wide spectrum of diseases to their outpatient and inpatient, conservative and surgical treatment.

The Clinic’s facilities include availability to restaurants, cafes, internet club, cinema, children's play area with a babysitting service. There are also facilities for the worship of various faiths in infrastructure, and some other special services of the High Technologies Clinic. Also medical departments will provide patients and staff of the Clinic favourable conditions for treatment and work, as well as all kinds of transportation facilities.


Clinic departments

The following departments are planned:
  • Diagnostics Centre


    Diagnostics Centre

    Diagnostics ‘from A to Z’ utilizing high medical technologies, integrating and cooperating with other Russian and European clinics.


  • Polyclinic



    Outpatients’ department with the reception room area (administration) and medical services in the following fields: therapy, surgery, sport medicine, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, urology and also a Centre of esthetics.


  • Cardiology and cardiac surgery department (Heart centre)


    Cardiology and cardiac surgery department (Heart centre)

    Individual selection of medicine treatment for a number complicated heart problems, surgical treatment of inborn and acquired heart diseases among adults, complications after ischemic heart diseases and many others.


  • Orthopaedic surgery department


    Orthopaedic surgery department

    Cutting-edge level of materials and technologies in replacing  and plastics of muscles, ligaments, bones and joints.


  • The department of endoscopic surgery


    The department of endoscopic  surgery

    The department is designed for a small (minimal) endoscopic operations, however opportunities for general surgery are catered for.


  • Sport medicine department


    Sport medicine department

    The department is designed to conduct special effective diagnostics and treatment for professional sportsmen and for sport-lovers.


  • The department of gynaecology, obstetrics and fertility treatment

    The department of gynaecology, obstetrics and fertility treatment

    Specialisation – assistance with childbirth (obstetrics) and gynaecology (including pregnancy monitoring and examination, prenatal diagnostics).  A fertility Centre for couples needing assistance with conception will function within the department. Also there is a possibility of sperm and eggs crioconservation in the fertility centre.


  • Medical – aesthetic and plastic surgery department

    Medical – aesthetic and plastic surgery department

    Mouth, jaw, face, plastic surgery and dental services are available. Correction of inborn and acquired face and body flaws by qualified specialists from Russia and Europe.


  • Medical rehabilitation department

    Medical rehabilitation department


    Modern and innovative methods of rehabilitation, diagnosis and recuperation of the HTMC patients. Also for Life Science Centre guests in specific cases.