The residential area ‘Raduzhny‘

Master plan (scheme)

The projected residential area ‘Raduzhny’ will be constructed five hundred metres from the High Technologies Medicine Centre covering a territory of 28 hectares. It occupies a sloping descent to the Oka river and borders the Prioksko-Terrasny Biospheric National Park.

In the planning of the utilization of this territory a new approach was applied to the living space, this was based on ergonomics(usability), ecology and energy saving.

The project creators require high standards of quality, design, construction and the use of modern technologies and materials.

The Oka River in the vicinity of “Raduzny”
Discussion of the projecting details

Construction of Raduzhny is an attempt of Project authors to realise the idea of living in a city (residential complex) being surrounded by nature and in harmony with nature. The creation of the thoroughly designed social infrastructure will enable the residents to not only enjoy their leisure time, but work to their maximum capability in the HTMC, it’s academic institutions and other facilities being assured, that their children are safe at schools or in nurseries, in the yards, or streets and have the optimum opportunities for physical and mental development.