Social infrastructure of ‘Raduzhny’

The bulk of modern social infrastructure will be sited on the central pedestrian area of the neighborhood. People will enjoy the services in two-storied buildings housing a bank, pharmacy, photo shop, restaurants, shops, cafes, cinemas, etc. A supermarket, parking, and some maintenance facilities will be located in a basement area under the central pedestrian area.

In winter, the pedestrian area will be transformed into an open ice rink, in summer residents will have access to a summer cafe, fountains and flower gardens, with tracks for roller-skates fans, etc.

A school for 550 pupils with an adjacent stadium will be built in the immediate vicinity of the central square. For the youngest residents two nurseries, comprising of 100 places each, will be opened.

Central square of “Radyzhny”, a fragment of visualization
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Along all the roads and the surrounding ‘Raduzhny’ there will be built not only sidewalks, but also paths for cyclists and racing fans. An additional recreation area will be established along the river Neglyadeyka (a tributary of the river Oka), flowing along the eastern border of the projected neighborhood. Access to the clean sandy beach on the bank of the river will take 10-15 minutes on foot.